Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Bag it

Bags, purses and clutches: Create added storage space to carry around all day, from the basic minimum space for wallet, phone and keys, to more complete space for cosmetics, brush, notebook while others can have extra space for a comfort pair of shoes or even to carry a alternative evening outfit to change. It is in most cases a symbol of status and economic power.
There are many iconic bags. The Hermes birkin named after Jane birkin, the quilted chanel bag, the LV monogramed chest, the mulberry bayswater. However as iconic as they might be they sort of became banalised and used by masses loosing therefore its uniqueness.
A neutral bag is a good everyday choice but once in a while a girl needs to express her individuality.
Here a present three all-time or (not) Longchamp choices. A classic the foldable fabric tote in black, a special edition printed fabric and an untypical big pied-de-Poule option also in fabric but quite wintery. These represent my mid-season, summer and winter options respectively.

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